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The Room is proud to showcase the debut  solo exhibition "Worn Out Warm Blue Skies" by Rowley Haynes  .


Rowley Haynes (b1996 U.K.) work renders frozen intimate moments of friends and family. Whether with oil paint or coloured pencil, Haynes captures transient moments of human existence and highly emotionally charged works with those in his most cherished circle. Casting an even more intimate light on his pieces. 


The introspective beauty present in these everyday snapshots is one of calm serenity. Subjects tend to be found in isolation depecting scenes of loneliness. Even when pictured in pairs and groups, the subjects appear solitary, staring in opposite directions. Figures are together and yet somehow apart. Haynes work calls to mind artists such as PierreBonnard and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.


Haynes received his BA from the Glasglow School of Art and Graduated in 2022 from the

Royal Drawing School. 

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